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Hoping to be in production on Ocean 3D in 2018!

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Earth is not covered by “Seven Seas,” as we once learned in school, but one single interconnected ocean. In Ocean 3D we will experience this world of water as if for the first time, through stunning giant-screen 3D imagery and a unique perspective – a breathtaking rollercoaster ride through the ever-streaming currents and upwellings from the abyss to the surface. A water molecule riding this vast ocean conveyor belt takes a thousand years to travel the entire world ocean and back. Along the way, we’ll encounter spectacular wildlife and meet the heroes who fight for ocean health with creative scientific solutions. Ocean 3D will be a cinematic thrill ride but will also show how our one ocean is crucial for our planet’s health – a vast circulatory system and climate engine that supports all life on Earth, including our own – leaving audiences both enlightened and inspired.  
Great films that entertain and drive change are challenging. Vulcan Productions is dedicated to creating inspiring films that drive large scale change and action on the real environmental issues facing us today. Vulcan, and its founder Paul Allen, are committed to ocean education and conservation. Ocean 3D is the ideal platform for us to build ocean awareness and public action.
Carole Tomko, General Manager, Vulcan Productions

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