Principal Large Format (PLF) was founded in 1998 by present CEO Phil Streather. PLF is a production company dedicated to developing and producing: Giant Screen (IMAX) features, Theatrical Documentary features and UHD TV.  

Phil is currently in development on a number of Giant Screen 3D films, including 
The Warrior Queen - a film about wild pollinators; a follow up to his 2003 IMAX hit, Bugs! 3D, narrated by Judi Dench. Bugs! has grossed over $50m at the global box office and won awards at Jackson and Wildscreen as well as all the main Giant Screen awards.

Phil is also an active consultant in the Giant Screen IMAX space, advising other producers on the art and craft of making documentaries for science museums and institutions.

Throughout 2012 Phil was a consultant to BBC Earth. In his capacity of Director of Giant Screen and Museum Films he advised on all aspects of their move into the Giant Screen 3D business. At the same time Phil worked with the BBC Natural History Unit as Stereoscopic Supervisor on the ground breaking 
Tiny Giants 3D, which delivered in 2014. Tiny Giants 3D received a 3D documentary award from the International 3D Society in Los Angeles in January 2015 and another in December 2015. Phil won the inaugural 3D Guild Award in 2015 for his work as stereo supervisor on Tiny Giants 3D.
Phil is a board member of the
Giant Screen Cinema Association, a full voting member of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) and regularly chairs/produces/participates in panels on Giant Screen and 3D.

In January 2011 Phil ran the National 3D Training Programme at BAFTA/Twickenham Studios, funded by Skillset and Sky and a regional Skillset programme in Bristol in February 2012 (

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